Drawing again and thinking about colours I love

The surface pattern course has started today, it took me a while to twig that I didn't need to wait for another email to view the first excercises!

I have so much catching up to do... I'll be mixing tasks with exploring the way I might work if I were to think 'surface pattern' other than painting. When I paint I so rarely draw anything out first. These are tonight's drawings as I sat at my computer. 

I tried not to worry too much about accuracy.. but I noticed how much better the second drawing was than the first - even though it took many attempts to capture the foreshortening of the scissors. But how self conciously I wrote "deliberately left lines in!"  Hope to cure myself of that.

I can/could line draw and I can paint - what will be an adventure is how to combine the two - if I decide I want to...:)

I've been stacking up magazines ready to got through tearing out colourways that jump out at me. I've had this Chicken Curry soup picture around for months in my studio. 

I hadn't done anything with it at all but had torn out the page last summer as I felt really strongly about it when I turned the page. They are such happy, zingy, fresh, bright colours : wonderful. 
I think the dark blue green stops the pink, yellow and orange from being too saccahrine together....and there are enough of the latter to stop the red chilli with the green inspiring thoughts of Christmas!!!

I'd love to hear from fellow Surface pattern e-course students below. I have joined Flicker but am wary of it  - I expect that will change when I get to understand how it works :-/


  1. I have surface pattern constantly on my mind - everwhere I look I analyse patterns ... in just about everything. You have a very interesting blog here.

  2. very nice drawings and color pics too. look forward to reading your blog! see you in class!

  3. thank you Cathy and Femi for your comments - the course looks like it will be really motivating. It's lovely of you to take the time to comment while I was asleep :) x Looking forward to getting to know you and your work.

  4. Hello from a fellow North Norfolk lass :) Love your whole blog, just spent my morning reading through....no better way to spend a morning :D Now gonna peek into todays lesson :D

  5. Thank you Michelle! Where are you in Norfolk? I'm in the very cultured North Walsham ; Tried to follow you on Twitter but from your blog I couldn't find Amisha is it? anyway its lovely of you to comment and your blog looks really interesting. A lot to look at - i've liked your facebook page and will have a nose about when I've got more time. Back to the painting!x Gabs

  6. Hi Gabriella
    I love that you blogged about our first lesson...it helps to see what others are doing. Love your style.
    I am returning home today from traveling and am excited to get started on the module....

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  8. I spelt your name wrong Lyna - read it as Linda!! ( bit tired)
    Thanks for your comments and I'm looking forward to seeing your work for the course too. x Gabs


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