What will the year of the dragon hold?

"2012 will bring opportunities to awaken your own higher consciousness and eliminate negativity, limitations and disease from your life. And if that isn't exciting enough for you, just wait until 2013's philosophical Snake year approaches bringing with it, cosmic awareness, sage spirituality, and integration with Source."

This has appeal.

Eliminate negativity, limitations and disease from your life.

Oddly today I woke feeling very excited about the future. I hadn't read this but was up scribbling ideas in bed at 6am. What I want to achieve seems clearer. Having made up my mind at last about how to proceed I feel sure its the right thing to do. I went out a couple of nights ago to a friends house to watch a film. Afterwards I found myself saying " I don't know why I am afraid to employ people..." and it almost felt like an outer body experience. It sounded pathetic,  I didn't dwell... but as I was saying it it really seemed like some old well rehearsed mantra. What on earth am I afraid of. When I am successful enough to need staff or part time help then I will cope with it!!! This is actually a huge leap forward. I've been holding myself back. My attitude is changing. In fact I do "employ" someone to cut out my designs and we get along very well...

A few minutes ago I checked up on the new Chinese year and what it is supposed to mean ( see above) and it is very apt. Whether or not there is anything in it is another matter. It's fun to consider.

Healthwise I have decided to excersise and stop winge-ing about my wobbly bits. I've done this before - the difference now is that I really feel it's now or never. I am 44 and clearly remember sitting in my graduate flat share at the age of about  22 saying when I am 30 I will be fit! And I have set up a twitter # tag to badger myself everyday to do something. #slugzap if you fancy joining in.

These are the books by my bed which do tell you what is preoccupying me ;)

True to form  I have started or dipped into all of them - read some, finished few. However I will be finishing them all in the next few months ( possibly not the accounting ones - do miracles happen?!) so do ask if you want to know more details about authors/titles etc.

As ever all comments or thoughts that this brings up are v v welcome x Gabs


  1. You go girl! (but remember to take some time off to calm down and relax)


  2. That's hilarious Celia! it's as if you know me quite well already ;) x thank you - love Gabs

  3. Great blog post Gabs. Just picking myself up off the floor at the announcement that you are 44! I would have guessed you were loads younger xx

    1. bless you - we only met briefly... was a while ago now ! :)) x

  4. Oh my word, that is some reading list! I think it's amazing you find time to read one of those books never mind bits of them all. Good luck!

    Helen xx

  5. That's a great stack of books! Sewing, business and shifting stubborn weight - topics constantly on my to do list. Happy New Year to you! x

  6. Just to let you know I've nominated you for the Leibster blog award. Check out Planet Penny in a while to find out more!

  7. Hello :D Congrats on the award!

    Interesting book pile there :D

  8. I don't know if there's anything in it but I've felt a shift in the last few days, maybe it's that dragon?;o) I usually love January but it's been a really slow and ploddy start for me this year. Things might be changing!
    I have a stack of books like that which I tend to dip into (short attention span), I think I'll go and check out your slugzap hashtag on Twitter, god knows I need it! :o)
    Jess xx


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