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Last night the email came through about Module 2 of the surface pattern course run by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls... and I couldn't just go to bed could I!? I am so so pleased I signed up. Itching to get going. One of the great things is that they  have kindly included several articles and excersises from the first course (that I was unable to do) which will help those of us who missed it to get into the swing of things. One of the suggestions was to draw fairly randomly - which sounded right up my street. When I am on the phone I almost always doodle without thought and often quite like the funny faces I come up with.
          ©Gabriella Buckingham 2012 - all rights to all images reserved

I really haven't done very much - just 5 minutes of playing before we had to go and collect my husband from the train but it was so nice just to sit quietly and not worry about "having" to do a sketch for a job or try to draw from life - which is certainly more challenging. Depending on your point of view!! It's challenging if you're aiming your drawing to look like what is in front of you anyway.

I really like coil with hanging stars  - will be developing that.

 I already feel there are things here I can develop. A touch of humour and whimsy - with delicacy :)

What an adventure. Thank you Rachael and Beth , (click on their names to find out about the course - it's not too late to join in) I think this is what I need. x



  1. Love those roses, Gabs....they say fabric, or wrapping paper. Have you come across Spoonflower? If not I'll tell you all about it on Tuesday!

    Penny x

  2. Hello :) I love your doodles, especially the little face inside the squiggles...cute... have a lovely day x x x Jane x x x


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