Itching to do some actual painting again. I console myself with the fact that Mary Newcomb didn't really start showing her paintings until she was in her 50's.

This year I will be experimenting far more with pen and paint with the aim of developing the illustration aspect of my work. 

I love both these paintings, the one at the top because it was from memory and just flowed out in a couple of hours and this still life - although it is quite traditional in approach - because I like the light in it and truly got lost in painting it for a few days.

I used to do life drawing at college and am not sure if I have anything scanned in that I could show you.... I do!

I will aim to simply draw more ( some would be progress!) without pressure to be perfect and gradually my skills should come back. Here are a tiny amount of the published work I've done, these are much tighter paintings for children's books and notelets in the case of the train and ark, but the floral with cake is closer to the way paint my still lives - this was printed as a greeting card and notelet:

I suppose you can see where Moobaacluck came from! I hadn't had children by then though....

I do seem to have a thing about flowers and gardens...particularly tulips; you'll probably have seen this one if you've been following my blog:

I am really looking forward to pushing myself on my own terms to see what I am capable of now.

I really love developing Moobaacluck but need to find a way to incorporate all aspects of my creativity - I think sewing is out for me:) into my life. Is this too speak my brains? Ceramics I've done and will photo those pieces another time!! I thoroughly enjoyed coil pot making and Raku (throwing wasn't really for me) but painting, drawing, designing, printmaking and Moobaaclucking it is. Oh and illustrating with it all of course! Where should I start!?

In a couple of weeks I'll be starting Rachael Taylor's and Beth Nicholls' surface pattern design course. Find out more by clicking the logo in the margin right at the top right:)  I can't wait.

What about you? any plans to investigate new ways of working or even completely new skills?


  1. Fab! blog post Gabs - so lovely to share all your gorgeous paintings - am the proud owner of the tulip print and have always loved the top painting of the birds. Good luck with what comes your way in 2012 - I hope you find the time to paint more and enjoy some time just playing. I intend to find the time to experiment a little this year, just for fun!

  2. There's never enough time is there? My drawing skills are so rusty. I went life drawing sessions in Mundesley for a few months a while back which was great but in the end couldn't keep it up. I love your paintings, especially the tulips, one of my favourite flowers. I've never got to grips with the 'colouring in', better stick to textiles I think!
    Good luck with new ventures, and the weekly blogging. Having a routine makes it a lot easier! x

  3. Best of luck to us all - really hope you do squeeze in some fun time Becky x

    Certainly isn't enough time Penny! did you get taught by Peter Kavannah? I went to a few classes with him when pregnant with Freya but realise that was about 8 years ago!! May have been Sam Robbins that taught you. I shall be happy to draw things around me - anything really. Getting started is the hardest part. I am finding keeping a diary helps with the blogging - ha - it's only 3 days into January :) x Gabs

  4. OMG! Your paintings are AMAZING! I hope you get to do more. Did you know there is a movement called Daily Painting? Thought is might inspire you- it has inspired me but I may have to do a Monthly Painting! lol! but at least I'll get more done! or perhaps i could at least try & draw a little bit everyday? we'll see......I'm waffling! Can't wait to see more of your work x

  5. Hi Gabriella,

    Your paintings are lovely, I love the tulips especially, so bright and cheerful. I found your blog a while ago and really enjoy reading about the lovely things you make. You sounded like you had a very busy run up to Christmas.

    Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award (if you like you can have a wee read of my post).

    Happy New year and I look forward to reading about all your creations in 2012!

    Helen xx

  6. Your paintings look lovely Gabs. I have lots of life drawing ones from my Uni days. I used to have one of them hanging up in my bathroom, but I took it down the minute my friends started having kids. It just seemed wrong to have a naked lady on the wall when a friends 5 year old was using the loo :0)

  7. brilliant & lovely work Gabriella x


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