February already!

Tomorrow is my son's 11th birthday, so I've been out buying cake, waffles and croissant today ready for breakfast. Time is going too fast!!!

I said that I would do a daily painting throughout February and I'm just not sure I can.  It's already the 3rd day and I haven't had time to.. the weather was so lovely yesterday that I spent four hours shovelling soil in the garden around my studio. It is literally piles of mud and grass that I am struggling to order into a cutting garden on an extreme budget- i.e. none!

Today I found these paintings on a kitchen shelf stacked up with some others. I made these in the summer while I was just having a play around. There's something about them I like - I've always liked triangles. And ice cream in cones. Though the patterns within the cone shapes on the pale pink one look like corpuscles! Possibly not an attractive gift wrap or fabric pattern :)

It's odd coming across things you've done a while later - especially when they were experimental. I do  like them.. the patterns and shapes and the colours and the strangeness.


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    1. OH thanks Trina - I am so pleased you do!! somehow I must find a way to explore this sort of thing more.. it's very natural to me so that must be a good sign. Hope you're having a good month so far? x

  2. They dolook great Gabriella, I dont even manage a design a week, not sure I could ever manage a painting a day so you are doing well. Have a great birthday with your son, sure he will be happy with all the eating trests.

    1. Thanks Tracey - I don't know what possessed me to set such a demanding task - I did a drawing a day ( from life) last year in August and that was hard enough. I think I am just so keen to draw out what might be in me but I have to earn a crust and live family life. Looking forward to tomorrow :) x


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