Launch of Friday Finds is tomorrow...

© Gabriella Buckingham

I'm really looking forward to publishing Friday Finds weekly. The first one is coming tomorrow! And it's not even March yet. I can't get the hang of dates.

The aim is to publicise solo entrepreneurs whose work I like: painters, designers, illustrators and makers. They must have an existing retail presence on the internet in some form, whether trading for years or working on it part time. The search will be fun too; it's a great excuse to indulge in hunting through shopping websites and I hope I can bring your attention to work you haven't seen before in a lot of cases.

I'll be asking specific questions to all the creators - but I won't be forcing them to answer! Ideally I thought it would be great to know a rough idea of current turnover before expenses so that aspiring creatives can see that it really is possible to make a living making what you love on a relatively small scale. Disclosing that is a very personal choice so to those that do - thank you very much indeed.

The format is question and answer.

If you have questions that you think I should add please do suggest them in the comments and I will consider adding them.

I hope that the articles will be helpful and interesting to budding designers and artists.

If you think you fit what I might be looking for don't hesitate to tweet me @moobaacluck and give me a link to your website. Or you can add your name and link to my Facebook page post about Friday Finds  - I've just pinned it to the top of the page.

Come back in the morning and find out who the first find will be!


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