Friday Finds - a maker opportunity

Friday Finds - a maker opportunity ...

Today someone went out of his way  to help me at a garage when I had to puzzle over which car oil to buy thinking the car was about to blow up, plus I went on a self development taster course, that had been recommended by a friend. We were a small group but each of us helped the others by asking a set of questions to challenge our habitual thinking. I really enjoyed the feeling of helping people see things in a different way. We all have the power to do whatever we want and be the best we can be but must discover what that is for us. Someone else's success isn't likely to be our version of success, that's so important.

On the drive home I thought how nice it would be to find creative businesses who are tiny but successfully doing things their way and write about them; featuring one every Friday.

If this might be you you are welcome to read a bit more about it on my facebook page and enter a link to your business website there so I can look at it in my own time for consideration. I'll be choosing a wide variety of work that I like personally and the key thing should be that you are making your item/s yourself (or with a partner) or commissioning small runs of objects you design yourself (e.g. limited edition prints). You could be just starting out or well established but small and happy with that (in fact that is very interesting to me).  For this particular feature you need to be earning from your work. I am not looking for large volume businesses but that doesn't mean you can't have ambitions of that of course!

It's late now and I need my bed  but I will clarify my thoughts on criteria by amending this post once I've made my orders for tomorrows dispatch!



  1. Hey Gabriella this is such a great post and idea, I can understand how sometimes its really easy to compare your current successes or aspirations for success to those of others. It's a really unrealistic way to think because we're all creatively unique individuals with our own names , styles, personalities and pathes to follow.

    Also I firmly believe if you try to much to be the next guy and not try hard enough to be yourself then its not being true to who you are and letting people that person inside. This is why I love blogs so much , they are like virtual diaries that give sneak peaks into peoples creativity, life , personality , values and thoughts like yours written here .

    Look forward to reading more of your friday finds posts :) I'm trying to be a little illustrator currently based in staffordshire uk and though I'm still in the slightly early stages of my creative career whats important is I have my own aspirations I plan to do my own way to achieve my own level of success and to make friends meet many other creative people along the way :).

    Kate x

    1. Thank you so much for your reply Kate. It's been a busy few weeks since I wrote about Friday Finds and only now am I starting to take it further. I've started contacting people and should begin on the first Friday in March.

      I shall find out more about you :)


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