Some new work

It's funny how when we are excited and full of ideas we almost think anything is possible. I remember saying I was going to do a daily painting in February and I certainly haven't had time to do that! Especially not in half term. Perhaps it's a case of remembering and making new habits; in fact I am sure it is. Perhaps in March ;)

I've launched a few new products in February; this print for a little girl . . .

a notecard that can be personalised with any hand written words you like on the front . . .

the rose postcards,  Mother's Day decoupage wooden heart card and the bookmarks that I showed in earlier blog posts.You can find all these at

I also tried my hand at making some new patterns that I have put on my illustration website. I really enjoyed doing these.  I realised that I love Cactii while putting together the first weeks board on my Pinterest page as an excersise for the  SmartCreativeStyle course which started last week.

I'm also currently designing a pattern for a website and a logo for another client alongside Moobaacluck commissions so I'm not beating myself up about not managing a daily painting!!


  1. Gorgeous new work Gabriella. I especially love that final image and its blue background. The design commission work sound v v exciting.

    1. Thank you Emma! It's based on a simple painting I did. Fun working out how to make it into a repeat.


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