Keep Your Hair On! My submission for #Makeartthatsells Bootcamp with @lillarogers

There are more than 400 colourful iphone cover designs in the submission gallery on Lilla Rogers website:

Some wonderful work and most pieces contain a link to the illustrator's website if they have one... so much eye candy!!

This was a really fun assignment and the variety of solutions to the brief to make an i-phone cover inspired by Cuckoo clocks is really interesting. Although there is no feedback from Lilla herself in this course I've really appreciated all the information and industry perspective Lilla provides in several posts along with the brief. We were given a few colour palettes to try - optional - and I chose one of them above. I think I used them all..forgetting Lilla's words of wisdom ' have a point of view' until I'd finished. I like it though :)

I'm looking forward to the mini exercise towards the second brief on Monday!


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