Discovering your personal style with Monica Lee of

For over a year now I've been watching Monica Lee interview successful creative women and I've found it helpful and inspiring. One day I'd like to be one of them..;) I might have white hair by then...albeit sprinkled with blonde streaks. I know I don't suit black or white so I certainly won't suit blue white hair!!!! I digress.

I am seriously considering taking her course which starts on February 11th and goes in depth into your own personal style and the motivation behind your creative business and aims to make the two cohesive, showing you how to be authentically you; rather than just telling you to be. There are some great testimonials for the very first course which ran last Autumn.

Take a look at the course details here and on Monica's other site you can hear numerous interviews with creative women and the occasional male who all run their own businesses all over the world or in some instances head up large creative businesses in the US.  Monica is very approachable and friendly and gives a lot of herself too.

As some of you know I'll be blogging daily throughout January so I will let you know when and if I take the leap. I know it can only help as I've been agonising for years about my direction, things have gradually become clearer but there's still a way to go to design a career path for myself that encompasses all the things I want to do. I think this would help be clearer about what those really are too!

Note: I signed up and was lucky enough to be one of the first fifteen to do so and won a coaching session ! SO happy about that.


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