Valentine's Day Designs

I'm late to Valentine preparation. Both these ideas came to me as I was painting commissions for baby's moon shape door hangers this morning; so I scribbled them down.  The first one is definitely not the usual sentimental Valentine, but I think it appeals to established couples!! The bah-humbug of Valentines.

Perhaps 'I fancy the pants off you' isn't a sentiment that suits Moobaacluck but it could have short term legs ( unlike the pants ). What do you think of this bottom one?

I'll post the final designs here once I've finished. My husband needs the computer this evening so I'm banned.


  1. Love both of them. They're fantastic!

    1. hello Kelly - thank you so much! The next step should be interesting; colouring in...!! I've had a look at your blog and love how it looks, I've followed and found you on Twitter too :) I'm due to take Monica's course soon so no doubt I'll be making more changes myself.


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