Planning Ahead

I've never been one for planning very far ahead but there comes a point when you have to work out what you want before you go too far down the wrong road. My sales before Christmas were great and I was in the lucky position - although it's always a bit frustrating - to have to turn down work. Things are much quieter now. Fortunately as I am used to living fairly frugally most of the time I shall be able to afford to take some time out to design new things for Moobaacluck and my eponymous range aswell as experimenting with my first love of painting.  It remains to be seen how much I can create but I wanted to give myself this gift of time, which probably the best aspect of being your own boss, the flexibility - even if normally you work for over 12 hours a day.

I shall be fantasizing, drawing, painting and investigating a few new ideas next 3 weeks. With that in mind I've started to suspend almost all my wooden pieces from my shop to re-evaluate sales and which items I really want to keep in the range. All printed items will be available in the meantime and I'll be expanding my stationery and greeting card offering. To do that I need uninterrupted time. Unless you do the sort of work I do it's probably hard to imagine how time consuming it can be- literally watching paint dry sometimes! Obviously my income is going to drop quite a bit but I think it's worth it for range development and there's only one of me.

I am so looking forward to the next 3 weeks. Normal service should be resumed in early February but I'll be blogging daily until then.


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