Painting on Saturday afternoon

Today I was determined to do some painting... the children are out for the day and apart from the fact that the house is a tip and I need to face my accounts there is no excuse! I feel very tired, probably the Gin Fizz cocktail and 2 glasses of wine with friends in London yesterday.

My painting is quite rusty.. I need to build up my confidence; so instead of continuing with the large painting I did last week I decided to do little sketchy paintings and am trying not to mind that these aren't my best work. The only way to get better at something is to do it a lot. So I will. I know it will be tough to paint every day for 4 weeks but I'm going to attempt it - even if it's just one small thing or part of a large painting across a few days.

How to pick subject matter? I always start with what's around me. I'm just going to see what appeals each day. There's enough pressure in life without being rigid about approach from the start. Have you ever done something like this?


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