Meet My Pig

This is my Italian pig. I keep him in my bedroom and try to deposit loose change in him in the hope that if I leave him alone long enough he will have a lovely surprise for me at the end of the year.

I've been finishing off the wooden personalised orders I had outstanding today, I've just one to do tonight to post to a customer who wanted me to paint a soldier bear for her.

So I've had cute characters in my mind. When I started Moobaacluck the range - such as it was, it was all about sweet faces on canvas and wood.

This was definitely my best selling card over Christmas and I'm keen to do far more cute imagery in the future .. :)

Which has me wondering which animals this style would suit? It'll be fun finding out. One thing I know, I need reference to paint a monkey ;


  1. That piggie is just BEGGING to be filled up! Too adorable for words...both the bank AND your work.

    1. :D thank you Donna! He is so sweet isn't he.. I think I bought him for one pound fifty in a charity shop! I'm really going to try and resist opening him up and counting until December.. hopefully I won't need emergency lunch money for the children or similar. Glad you liked my work too :)


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