Illustrators Meet Up

A bit fuzzy ... we'd nabbed a passing technologically-minded looking young man to take this :)

These are a few of the very talented illustrators I'd met virtually over the last year during the Make art that Sells course with Lilla Rogers. We finally met up on Friday the 17th Jan at the Royal Festival Hall and spent hours chatting shop and getting to know each other a bit better.

From the left : Ann John; me (not sure why link for me is different colour? - alert to self publicist possibly; Amanda Enright, Lucy Banaji, Emma Burnett, Trina Dalziel and Monika Fosberg. Click on those links to see their beautiful work! Where there are none available that just means wonderful work is being created and sites being built.

Thank you all for making the effort to come - really lovely to meet you all.


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