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This is a short post, I think I probably said enough yesterday!

Today was one of those days that starts full of promise and sort of peters out because I didn't have a plan really, I just did what I wanted to, plus one order, then ran out of time. I've started looking into sites that sell paintings on line. Specifically Artfinder and - so far.

Interestingly Artfinder has a huge following on Facebook - about 129K but 2000 or so artists whereas has just under 6000K facebook likers but 3500 artists (roughly). I'd heard of Artfinder through my friend Trina Dalziel and through Natalie Rymer who is really successful there and on Facebook in her own right.

Anyway I was all fired up to take photos  - which I did - but due to the gloom and not really having quite enough room in my studio (oh how I wish there were a tidy up fairy to call on) I found that a lot of my images were a bit squeue-wif ( I did try to spell check this word which is real to me, but no joy) plus the taller ones were all too dark at the top.

Possibly a blessing that I couldn't apply somewhere today, I 've got to get on with some new work!! I sold one of my favourite paintings to a client on Etsy shortly before I shut my shop and I have sold work locally but if I can get the photography right then I'd like to sell more on line.

Do you know of any on line selling sites personally that you can recommend? I know there's newblood and Satchi on line too.  Do you ever buy from any?

The next thing of course is deciding on appropriate packaging. That's for another day.


  1. Have you looked into It's an auction site, works very well for the artists it seems. I've been following Carol Marine there. Love her work!

    1. Thank you Joanne! No I haven't heard of that site - I shall check it out x :)


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