Painting beginnings


This morning I simply had to pack up two orders and post them, so I walked into town and then dived into the charity shops. I bought these gems for £1.75 and 50p respectively. I am not sure that I like the vase style but the colour is like sunset with irridescent lilacs on amber, just gorgeous to look at close up. With my painting head on I think that the cup will be fun to use in a still life.

I tried setting one up after lunch and painting a bit before the light ran out. It's not great but I'm glad I just did something! I'll see if I want to carry on tomorrow. This is the under painting so it's pretty murky, mind you so was the light.

To do it I painted over another painting that I wasn't too pleased with; this one below I won't paint over. I really like what I did but somehow ran out of steam. I wonder how many artists have paintings like that hanging about?


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