Easter Card

I finally decided on cream card stock for this one, it's not very cream  - just not bright whitest white which was the alternative. When you see them in reality I think the white just looked a bit cold for this particular design. At some point you just have to make a decision!

What do you think?


  1. Hi Gabs great to hear from you. Sorry but my reply here relates to different posts as bits if them in my head so all collected here. Happy birthday for yesterday, looks like a new reading book under there. Love the card above. My girls still have your wooden stars above their beds and I love my Xmas heart I nabbed from you, I think it was your only one. Saw Penny yesterday all last minute and we said must get you out and about with us. Mi d you taken us a year to fix a date. I'm trying to be more sociable this year, one of my plans. On a domestic note if you need a decent cooker man I have a number. I put up with broken oven for over a year before I got fed up cooking in the grill, just laziness really.
    See you one day soon I hope x


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