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I've enjoyed this last week, investigating some new ways of working and a couple of new products ideas too. It remains to be seen what sells but the beauty of having an on line shop and products you physically make yourself is that you can sometimes experiment without huge cost to 'suck it and see'. Sourcing that pink in the right size envelope was a problem but the paler pink will look good - just not as dramatic as I wanted.  Both these new postcard designs that will be available later in the week. I'll be selling them as single postcards so customers can have as many or as few as they like. I'm also  offering to personalise the Romantic Rose design with a line of type across the bottom.

I tried my hand at decoupage on the wooden heart above, happily what I was concerned about didn't happen - ie it worked! So this raises possibilities for continuing to offer wooden illustrative products.

All sorts of ideas are springing up, which I love ... but I can't do it all quickly so I'm aiming at enjoying the process and most of all writing things down. Unfortunately I must do my accounts and tax return this week so patience will be the word for the week. Groan.

These bookmarks are a hit with my children but I didn't manage to photograph them earlier in the week so hastily shot them in the gloom near a light box - terrible!  I will re photograph them again at some point this week. I designed a rabbit bookmark over a year ago and kept moving the sample about from notebook to notebook or pile of papers to piles of papers. With Christmas orders complete I can breathe and tackle all those dreams. This one happened to be a small, manageable one! You can find them in my shop Moobaacluck on

Hope you had a good week too :)


  1. Loving your new creations Gabriella! It's so exciting to have lots of ideas flowing : ) Have a great week ahead xx

  2. thank you Jane! Chuffed you like them:) Hope you have a great week too X


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