Last blog for January 2014

I painted over this shortly after as you see below.  I love that orange red with the turquoise dry brushed through it.

These are close ups of my favourite sections.

I feel I am in a fug but it's not all bad! It's fug fun. I really like the close ups.

I am again painting over the painting I painted over the two backgrounds before.

This is a mobile phone picture up to the stage when I decided I'd better sleep on it! Then I had an idea to scan it in as is and extract the painted sections (see below) I particularly like and make a collage. I think these pieces could be useful.

I can't let go of the idea that maybe I could enjoy more abstract work. When I set up a more traditional style life a couple of weeks ago and begun to paint I found myself getting bored quite quickly. That tells me something...

I didn't blog yesterday, every single day becomes too much of a pressure if it's not your sole occupation; but I will be blogging at least every other day throughout February. I am doing two more courses - one business, one illustrative; so there will be plenty to discover alongside earning a crust with Moobaacluck and developing my painting.


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